Evergreen Acres

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Evergreen Acres in Nokesville will participate in this year’s Farm Tour and owner Jim Gehlsen is excited about its new feature, Cedar Run Brewery at Evergreen Acres.

He is in the process of constructing the brewery which he expects to be open for business by January, but visitors can tour the facility over that weekend. The tasting room will have a large bar, tables and a quieter space for cozier conversations, fireplace and operations viewing area.

In addition, patio seating will provide scenic views of the property, even in the winter with its outdoor gas heater and there will be a watering station for dogs accompanying the visitors. Other features include heated floors, geothermal cooling of the beer, lots of outlets, LED lighting, ceiling fans in and out.

Gehlsen said one feature of the building is the acoustics. “I [planned] it with acoustics in mind because hearing better is important to me. I want to build a place I’d like to go to. I’m trying to it a place for people to come and relax. I want them to enjoy the serenity with a view of the fields and background music. I want to include typical things people like to do, such as horseshoes and cornhole and an occasional bluegrass band.”

Gehlsen said Cedar Run Brewery will be a real farm brewery because the hops will be grown there and it will produce seven to nine varieties. Eventually, he wants to make malt, an ingredient in beer.

“There are a couple of brewers helping me and we’ll have a head brewer who can also help home brewers. I’m also thinking outside the box for future ideas once I get the brewery open.”

Gehlsen said his wife Jean and son Ben brought up the idea of the brewery and the family has been working on it for about a year. He had been growing certified-organic produce for several years, selling through farmers markets, wholesale to grocery chains and consumer-supported agriculture but that model was no longer working.
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“Agritourism is saving a lot of farms,” said Gehlsen. “I’ve been doing that with the pumpkins and Christmas trees. And [soon] with the brewery. Hopefully, it will be like the field of dreams. Build it and they will come.”

During the Farm Tour, visitors can also learn about beehives and Christmas trees; unfortunately, the summer’s rains have damaged the pumpkin patch normally seen during the annual event.

Evergreen Acres is located at 12801 Hazelwood Dr. in Nokesville and will be open both days. Visit www.evergreenacres.biz for more information.

Farm Tour hours are:

Saturday, Sept. 22: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Sunday, Sept. 23: Noon to 4 p.m. on

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